Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan

Growing up in an Indian home in the '80s

... for two girls meant a lot of time spent in the kitchen!  We watched our mothers as they lovingly prepared the recipes they'd learned from their mothers whilst growing up in India.  

The bustling British Indian home in the '80s for us was full of family, noisy melodic chatter, a constant flow of guests and non-stop cooking, all amid the back-drop of classic Bollywood films.

We (Reeta & Alpie), met at university and became great friends whilst cooking and sharing Punjabi and Gujarati recipes. We recreated the Indian kitchen we grew up in within our uni digs and cooked for friends as a way to ease those many hangovers!

After some years of hosting dinner parties, we decided to share our cooking in a bigger way. Real Indian cooking is still often only experienced in the Indian home and we wanted to make it more accessible. Our aim is to demystify Indian cooking and help those with a desire to really master it, through recipes, cookery classes and the chance to try dishes at a variety of events and pop-ups in London. We can even deliver spice mixes to your home and our recipe book will be available to pre-order soon. 

We both share a keen and growing interest in nutrition and eating for optimal health. The power of what we eat on our wellbeing is becoming more widely acknowledged in society and we apply principles of healthy living such as wheat/gluten free, dairy free, wholefoods, alkaline and organic produce in our cooking. We promote a balanced, primarily vegan diet for optimal health and living in harmony with our planet.

For now we hope you enjoy the recipes on this site. Please let us know how you get on with them through our contact us page, and you can sign up to find out when we post something new on our recipes page. 

Thanks and enjoy!

Reeta & Alpie x

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